TyneTShirts.com Ethical Policy

Who We Buy From

When sourcing our garments, we have two major considerations:

  • The quality of the garment
  • Whether we are happy that the garment has been manufactured to ethical standards

In terms of quality, feedback from customers is consistently very high regarding our super-heavyweight 200gsm 100% combed cotton t-shirts. However, we are often questioned about the sourcing of our products, and asked for assurances that no "sweatshop" labour is used in their production.

We hope you take the time to read below. We welcome any comments or questions….

For many years now we have used a manufacturer called Starworld to produce our men's t-shirts and hooded-tops. In recent years we have changed to sourcing all our women's and children's garments from Starworld as well. Starworld guarantees that their production processes are ethical both in terms of the labour used to produce them and the environmental impact of production.

Their excellent ethical approach has led to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) Certification. This guarantees that our products are produced under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. It should also be noted that Starworld does not stop there but goes way beyond the accepted standard of Certification, embracing every opportunity to reduce the impact on the planet, whilst contributing positively to the well-being of the local community.

Environmental awareness is a key objective; a responsibility that is taken very seriously at every stage of the manufacturing and marketing operations which has resulted in Starworld now being recognised as the market leader in supplying certified made products in Europe. These initiatives include state of the art water treatment systems for dye baths, minimum of 80% recycled packaging used and all excess cardboard recycled as standard. Excess yarn is recycled and sold on to carpet manufacturers at subsidised prices. In this way, not only is waste minimised, but local businesses are also helped to grow and develop more employment opportunities for local people.

All employees are trained in-house and receive a comprehensive programme of education which includes aspects such as health and safety, continuous improvement, career development, and support for obtaining professional qualifications. All garments are manufactured by trained personnel, operating under fair, safe and well paid working conditions

Our products use only Oko-Tex – certified dyestuffs and all our products conform to OEKO TEX 100 Standard, which is one of the many internal controls our garments must pass before being ready for customer use.

All clothing is also REACH compliant. All our garments are manufactured in Egypt from Egyptian cotton.

Both ourselves and Starworld recognize our responsibilities to the workers for the conditions under which they manufacture our products. By operating their own production plants, we can guarantee that our clothing products are manufactured to the highest environmental and ethical standards:


There is no use of forced labour, slavery, bonded labour or prison labour.


A safe and hygienic working environment is provided.
Adequate measures are taken to prevent accidents and injury to health.
All workers are insured for injuries sustained by accidents during work.
Workers are given safety training.
Physical abuse, the threat of physical abuse, unusual punishments or other harassment is strictly prohibited.
Access to clean toilet facilities, cafeteria and potable water within the factory is provided.


Only workers above the age of 18 years are employed.


The wages and benefits paid for a standard working week is at least the minimum required to be paid under the national labour laws.
All workers are covered by the national Social Insurance scheme and the company contributes 60% of the premium paid.


Workers are not allowed to work more than 48 hours per week, in accordance with the national labour laws.
At least one day off is given every week.
Overtime if any, is always voluntary and paid at double the normal wage.
Overtime never exceeds 6 hours a week.
All employees are entitled to 3 weeks holiday per year.


There is no discrimination in hiring, promotion or termination based on race, religion, social background, political views, gender, disability or any other characteristic.


The rights of all workers to bargain collectively is recognised.
All employees can apply for a higher post within the company, without restriction.